Food is a unique form of communication that connects different generations across cultures

In response to the ever-evolving hospitality industry, Dimos Stasinopoulos’s Restaurant Group demonstrates consistent growth specialising in the development of quality dining concepts as well as in the creation of new ones. His extensive knowledge has been derived from owning and managing over thirty outlets during the past decade, and is constantly being enhanced by his experiences through travelling around the world.

Culinary diversity is a hallmark of the contemporary food environment globally, and many cuisines have connections to communities that have migrated to other countries. One of the first ways a food culture is revealed to the broader population is through restaurants.

From concept to implementation, Dimos Stasinopoulos stays focused on what he loves the most: exquisite food and service excellence in a wonderful atmosphere. These are the key elements of a successful brand strategy.

Dimos Stasinopoulos builds different brands addressed to different audiences on different occasions of everyday life: fine dining, casual dining, fast casual and family style. In order to achieve this objective, he stays ahead of the curve by closely monitoring the consumption behaviour and trends, whilst mobilizing his creativity to offer special multidimensional dining experiences, inextricably linked to warm hospitality and exceptional quality.

Based in Greece, the birthplace of “philoxenia”, Dimos Stasinopoulos envisions the development of his ideas beyond borders, driven by his passion to create a true relationship between guest and host.


Our travel experiences, the accumulation of exquisite aromas and flavours from several culinary destinations around the world. Food is a form of communication, the great unifier that connects us across cultures and generations.


To acknowledge the values of different types of cuisine.

To respect the philosophy of different cultures and their cuisine.

To show consistency in high quality and fresh ingredients.

To achieve a balance between drawing on locally sourced produce and maintaining the characteristics of the cuisine’s identifiable cultural flavours.

To preserve the integrity of a cuisine's flavour in the evolving global foodscape.


To efficiently produce high-quality cuisine using seasonal local produce or the finest imported products sourced from the best available locations, where required.

To offer value for money dining experiences in a hospitable and relaxed environment.

To conceive, create and maintain brands of true quality and to develop them further.

To inspire our team members at all levels. We encourage and motivate our people to develop their skills and talents by providing training opportunities throughout the year.


To offer unique gastronomic journeys through different food cultures with a common philosophy on quality and service excellence.


To exceed guest expectations in relation to high-quality dining experiences in the areas of cuisine, service and ambience.


To create inspiring restaurant concepts that will generate unique brand experiences in Greece and beyond.


Corporate responsibility is reflected in all aspects of our operations with respect to community, partners and staff.